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You Can Take Your Life Back

Attention: Those Who are READY to SEIZE Financial Control in their Lives

A Law of Attraction Coach Can Empower You
to “Attract” Your “Ideal” Home Business…
one that is designed
according to YOUR Specifications…
so that you can enjoy doing what’s Important to You

by Tom LeBlanc
(certified coach/trainer)


Do you believe in the Law of Gravity? It really doesn’t matter whether you do or do not believe in it because  it exists. And I think you will agree that it strongly influences our lives… In the same way, the Law of Attraction operates in our lives whether we believe it or not.


Let me ask you this… Do you care about gravity? You should. Although you don’t have to know all the scientific workings of gravity a simple working knowledge of it can save your life. For example, how silly would it be for a guy to step off the edge of a tall building shouting, “I don’t BELIEVE in gravity?” A little knowledge of the Law of Gravity is vital to your success in life. In the same way, a little knowledge of the Law of Attraction can propel you forward in your life and in your business.

“The Law of Gravity and the Law of Attraction are Similar:
They Both Exist and Influence our Lives– Whether We Believe in Them or Not.”
Tom LeBlanc
(certified coach/trainer)

So, since the Law of Attraction is at work in our lives… attracting good things and bad things, wanted things and unwanted things RANDOMLY wouldn’t it make sense to learn how to use it to our benefit by learning how to attract what we want instead of what we don’t want? Can you see how it could change your life? It sounds like it could pave the way to a more satisfying life.


So you say, “Okay, I’ll accept that the Law of Attraction does exist and that it’s important for me to know about. Tell me a little bit more about it.”

Law of Attraction is a law because it works like gravity. Even though we can not actually see gravity we can see evidence of it. For example, when a glass slips out of your hand gravity pulls it to the floor and it shatters. If you would imagine gravity as a huge magnet, in the center of the earth, you can see how everything and everyone is attracted to it– to the surface of the earth. That’s right. Gravity is like a magnet that attracts everything to it.

In the same way, the words we think or say produce thoughts. And like gravity attracts objects to itself our dominant thoughts (and the feelings associated with them) attract other thoughts and even situations to us. That’s why it’s called the Law of ATTRACTION because we literally attract the things we mentally focus  on.

In the same way that we can see evidence of the Law of Gravity we can also see evidence of the Law of Attraction in our lives. For example:

  • Have you ever thought about somebody that you haven’t seen in years and suddenly they call. What a coincidence, right? (evidence of Law of Attraction)
  • Have you ever approached a potential customer or business partner thinking they are going to be rude and reject you… and they act just as you expected?(evidence of Law of Attraction)
  • On the other hand, have you ever called a potential business partner on the phone and imagined that they will be friendly and interested and they are as you thought they would be? (evidence of Law of Attraction)
  • Have you ever worried about something and it actually came about just as you feared? (evidence of Law of Attraction)

These are examples of how our thoughts (and intentions) ATTRACT people, circumstances and situations to us. This is evidence of Law of Attraction in our lives.

“Gravity and A Dominant Thought Are Similar:
They Both Exert a Powerful ATTRACTION.”
Tom LeBlanc
(certified coach/trainer)

That’s why it’s vital to dwell on only positive and productive thoughts whenever possible.


Now that we understand that our dominant thoughts ATTRACT you can see their influence can bring into our lives situations that feel good to us or those that do not sound good to us. In life and in business, I think you will agree, there are things that you want more of and things you want less of. Michael Losier, my mentor/coach, puts it this way:

The Law of Attraction:
The Science of Attracting More of What You Want
and Less of What You Don’t.
Michael Losier
(Best-selling author and international trainer)

In other words, we can actually choose what specific qualities we want in a business. We can actually DESIGN the kind of business we want… Your Dream Business,  if you will.  Then, believe it or not, you can ATTRACT it to yourself in such a way that you will find a business that meets your qualifications. I am living proof. It happened to me. What an amazing feeling it was. A business was presented to me that met all of my specifications. And the same can happen for you with YOUR specifications. Another one of my mentors puts it this way:

“We Become a Magnet for Whatever We Put Our Focus on…
Whether Wanted or Unwanted.”
Rebecca Hanson
(Author and Founder of Law of Attraction Training Center)


A coach can walk you through the 3-step Law of Attraction process and bring you up to speed regarding how the Law of Attraction works to attract both wanted and unwanted things and situations into your life. This includes an explanation of  how using simple words like “Don’t, Not, and No” can literally sabotage your goals.  Law of Attraction basics also includes how to “RESET” your results if you don’t like what you are getting. More specifically:

  • Law of Attraction coaches can provide you with powerful and innovative “TOOLS” (such as, the Refocus Tool) that can help you to become crystal clear about what you really want in a business. And a coach can walk you through the process of using the tools in your specific situation. (step 1)
  • A coach can instruct you in how to give more attention, energy and focus to what you want so that the “Attraction” process is set in motion. (step 2)
  • A coach can help you release the blocks that prevent you from attracting your desired business. This step is called “Allowing” and it’s the most important of the three steps. (step 3)

You are going to feel excited about learning how to ATTRACT your Dream Business as you anxiously await its arrival. When you understand the Attraction Process you will see for yourself, with laser clarity, how it works in your life. Doesn’t that sound like something worthy of your time and energy?


For those of you who are interested in taking advantage of my coaching offer (complementary “Attract Your Ideal Business” session) here is your homework assignment which is preparation for designing Your “Ideal” Business. Prepare the following list BEFORE we talk on the phone: Think about all the businesses you have been involved with and list all the things you do not like about them. For example: “I don’t like”……

  • Monthly quotas in order to get paid
  • Having to buy things I may not need every month to stay qualified
  • The possibility of losing my position if I do not maintain a certain volume
  • Enrollment fees (high start-up cost)
  • Long learning curve (complicated)
  • Products that do not make a difference or change lives
  • Poor (or no) training and support
  • Slow return on investment

Make a list of 20-30 characteristics that you DO NOT like about being involved with a home business (Network Marketing, Referral Marketing, MLM or Direct Sales). If you have never had a home business think of things you have heard others talk about. When you have done this you will be half way to designing Your “Ideal” Business. CAUTION: It is not recommended that you FOCUS on what you don’t want or DWELL on the things you don’t like…for longer than briefly.  Simply put your list away and I’ll give you further instructions when we talk. When we are done with your complementary “Attract Your Ideal Business”  session you will know exactly what you want out of a business and you’ll be on your way to attracting it.

SEIZE CONTROL of your finances. Take Your Life back! Begin the process today.

You CAN do it! It’s a simple process that requires that you take the first step.

“ACTION is Eloquence.”
William Shakespeare

Tom LeBlanc operates Magnetic Businesses. He believes that your business can become “Magnetic” and attract those potential customers who are actively searching for what you do best…
your products and services. He believes that this creates a “win-win” situation
for your business and for your customers.

“No Matter What Your Products or Services Include…
Potential Customers Are Searching Right NOW…

For What You Do Best!
Will They Find You?”
Tom LeBlanc

Seeking a Home Business?
Work with Tom

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  • Guest

    Great post!

  • The Law of Attraction basically applies to anything. This is very easy and practical to apply, as this entails attracting positive energy towards our goals and desires. In the business context, such a law is quite efficient as it will fuels entrepreneurial growth and eventually helps you attain success.

  • I really like the way you explain it – it helps 🙂
    And it DOES sound like something worthy to do, even if it is for the rest of ones life

  • Carl Ramallo

    Tom, good stuff,always great to see some solid info and evidence that the Law of Attraction is working everyday in our lives, great share ,thank you.