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You are NEVER too Old to Find SUCCESS!

Are you Too Old?

Your are Never Too Old to Get Started:

While most successful men start their careers at an early age, Harland Sanders’ story  begins when he was sixty-five years old. He had spent many years of his life operating a restaurant. However, once he quit the food business and sat back to relax in retirement, he found himself penniless. When the Colonel received his first Social Security check in the amount of $105.00, he knew he had to get out of his rocking chair and do something to earn some real money.

Colonel Harland D. Sanders was broke and living off his Social Security check at 66 years of age. He did not consider himself “too old” to get started. He took his chicken recipe to the road and offered franchises. Within about 10 years he had accumulated over 600 franchised outlets which he sold for $2 million dollars.

How old are you?

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  • It can never be too many times the story of Colonel Saunders is told. There are too many older men and women who have been convinced that they are “too old” to dream and to pursue new goals, if they can survive and ignore the source of all this type of negative talk, THE WORLD SHEEPLES, they will strive for that avenue of gold. It is a tough way to go and it takes a lot of faith to reach for the stars late in life but as this article tried to stress sucuess is possible during your 50's 60's and beyond. I am 58 and I still dream and hope, despite I am constantly told that I am too old and the world has no place for people my age or I am a old grandma trying to move into a young persons realm. It is tough going but I have learned to go to the true source of knowledge about achievement, I find it in articles like the above or good motivational books. There you will find information written in a unbias form for every man or woman from the ages 1 to 100. Great authors who tell you want all the things you can be instead of telling you all the things that is impossible to attain in life. I can never read enough of them they are like a giant lighthouse whose lights shine to guide us through a very negative thinking world.

  • This is really very much true everyone want to gain success in the business and franchise is one of the best and the effective way for the popularity and for the promotion of the business.

  • savvye

    This story always inspires me. I restarted my business at the same age as he started his. It's not easy, but starting a business never is with or without sufficient funds.