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Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and you, your Family and Business


How will the Fukushima Radiation Effect You, Your Family and Your Business? Learn how to Reverse the Harmful Effects

We all know that in March of 2011 Japan underwent a nuclear disaster. Some may have heard that ionizing radiation, from Fukushima is steadily increasing in many parts of the world – including the united States.

There is much news and countless YouTube videos that detail the situation. However, I must warn you to be careful to balance the horrific information with some things you can do. The radiation is NOT within our control but there are things that ARE within our control. The only way to minimize the fear and anxiety is to do some things that can help protect you and your family.

The big questions are:

  1. How will it impact the health of us, our families and our businesses?
  2. What can be done to gain some protection from the effects of the radiation?

When you do your Google searches you will learn that “ionizing radiation” causes a type of “Free Radicles” to form in our bodies. These dangerous cells attack and destroy healthy cells.

Here is a quick summary of what free radicles are and how they are combated.

What are Free Radicles? Basic chemistry teaches that atoms (the building blocks of all matter) contain a balance of positive particles (protons) and negative particles (electrons). When we are exposed to radiation some of the atoms lose an electron and become unbalanced and unstable. These unstable atoms are called Free Radicles.

Free Radicles have been likened to hot sparks that jump out of a fire. When a hot burning ember lands on a carpet or curtain it can burn and damage the material. In the same way when a Free Radicles reach cells, such as muscle cells, they cause damage, pain and swelling. This is because the  Free Radicles need to regain their lost electron and in doing so cause damage to the cells they come into contact with.

What is the Role of Antioxidants? These are molecules that can safely interact with Free Radicles to neutralize them and thereby prevent their damaging effect on our body’s cells. Fortunately, our bodies manufacture antioxidants as part of a defense system against Free Radicles.

Glutathione is considered the “master” antioxidant. I like to think of it as currency that is stored in our body – like money is stored in a bank account. As the body’s Glutathione does its job, by neutralizing Free Radicles, the account balance goes down. Finally, when the Glutathione account balance is exhausted and overdrawn the Free Radicles no longer have any opposition. Without the opposition of antioxidants the Free Radicles are free to do their damage.  According to research, Free Radicles can lead to numerous disease conditions. Needless to say, it is vital to our health to maintain a favorable antioxidant bank balance.

I recently became aware of a product that claims to help protect us against the effects of radiation. The manufacturers claim that it does that by allowing the body to destroy free radicles.

There are two types of free radicles. One type form when we do intensive exercises, The other type comes from exposure to ionizing radiation.

I just finished a test to ascertain the effectiveness of the product. Please visit http://musclepain.biz/ I tested the effectiveness of the free radicles produced by intense exercises. The results were amazing. I now have no doubt that the product fights free radicles associated with exercise. I, therefore, believe it will be effective against the free radicles produced by radiation.

I wrote the formulator of the product and he responded as follows:

“Radiation such as the ozone depletion causes oxy radical damage to the cells and Glutathione play’s a very important role to protect against cell damage. Whereas radiation from nuclear origin will cause hydroxyl radical the most damaging of the two and is well documented that GSH (Glutathione) as the most powerful antioxidant will neutralize the damaging effects.”

What does this have to do with the Elimination of The Damaging Effects of Radiation? According to the manufacturer MA+IGP (Master Antioxidant plus Intracellular Glutathione Precursor) provides the precursors, or building blocks, of Glutathione so that our body can manufacture the Glutathione and thereby increase the bank balance of this powerful Antioxidant. As long as the account is not overdrawn the body’s “Antioxidant System” can continue to overcome Free Radicles and their damaging effect

We can’t run a business or a family if we lose our health.

Get more information today and get peace of mind.

Tom LeBlanc
Contact me with questions or contact GBG
the manufacturer) directly by calling 707-453-4650 and using the following ID#: 690365


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