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Trouble with Starting and Not Finishing Projects

Have you ever started a project and never could get yourself to finish it?
It was a trait for me.. way back into childhood until I learned this…

I finally saw a pattern of not getting things finished. I thought back to my younger years when I started building things or doing various projects. It seemed like I got off to a powerful start and got to about the 90-95% mark. At that point I just stopped as thought there was some kind of mental block or road block. Have you ever done that?

As I thought back over my life I recalled numerous things I never brought to completion. As I introspected further I also realized that there were a few things.. big things… that I did bring to completion… and I have the proof.

Now, whenever I am tempted to stop before completion I say to myself something like this:

“In the past I often did not finish things. But NOW I realize that I am able to bring important things to completion. And I have the proof because I started ________ and finished it. And here is the proof. I have this_______  (certificate, license, book, degree, finished project) to prove it. So, I AM ABLE to finish things.”

Plug in your own successes and think about them more than you think about your failures. (Law of Attraction asserts that we attract what we think about.) It is also good to remember the positive feelings of completing a project. Remember those successful feelings as you begin another project.

It helped me to make a list of all my past successes. By thinking about them I feel empowered.

To your success in your current and future projects,

Tom LeBlanc

Certified Law of Attraction Trainer

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