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They Can Read Your Mind


How Would It Impact Your Sales and Marketing
If Customers Could Read Your Mind?
Most Everyone Can, so Be Careful of What You Think.

I always thought “Mind Reading” was the stuff of science fiction movies, like Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. How could that be possible? How could anyone really read our mind?

An Experiment that Changed my Thinking:

Then, nearly 40 years ago I did an experiment that demonstrated conclusively that we have a field of energy that emanates from our bodies. I built a very sensitive amplifier that was able to pick up my body’s signal up to 12 feet away. I detailed this in my post: The Power of Intention and Law of Attraction. It made me realize that if an energy field is radiated from my body it was reasonable that others may somehow be able to receive it.

Enter Law of Attraction:

I became so intrigued with the Law of Attraction I became dual certified as an LOA Trainer. In Law of Attraction terms our thoughts generate feelings and the feelings generate vibrations, or vibes, that are radiated out away from us. Have you ever walked into a home or a restaurant and said, “I don’t like the vibes in this place?” I Fully summarized the Law of Attraction, by way of two videos that you can find at: LOA-Video-1 and LOA-Video-2.

When I studied with Michael Oliver, author of “How to sell Network marketing without fear, anxiety or losing your friends!” I learned more about how LOA works in business. Michael summarized it as follows:

“Whatever you are feeling you’re resonating, and whatever you’re resonating is what you’re attracting.”
Michael Oliver

Michael wrote in his book:

“People buy solutions, goods and services, for their reasons not yours! They buy for what it will do for them, and how it will make them feel and how it will make them look to others and so on. People also buy you, because you are part of the solution.

If you appreciate, understand and can talk about this, the Magnetic Attraction it creates with your potential partner is profound. The field of energy of connection can only be understood once you experience it.
Michael Oliver page 115 of his book

Everyday Examples:

Have you ever felt like someone was watching you? How many times have you looked at someone- thinking either good or bad thoughts and noticed them abruptly turn around and look directly at you? Sometimes they looked back at you with a frown and sometimes with a smile- depending what you were thinking about when you stared at them.

The Positive or Negative Power of Self Talk

I am sure you know about “self talk.” It is simply the things we say to ourselves. Have you ever tried to sell something while thinking, “He will probably say no?” Then you found that you were right… he did say no.

While working at the hospital as a physical therapist I learned control my self talk. For example, while going to visit a patient for the first time I would say, “I am really going to enjoy working with this person and he or she will also enjoy getting started with PT.” They usually proved me right by matching my self talk. Before I discovered the power of self talk I sometimes entered a room saying to myself, “The last thing they will want to do is get out of their warm bed and work with me.” And, they usually proved me right and refused to work with me.

“If we are going to be proven right anyway- why not let it be the result of Positive Self Talk.” Tom LeBlanc

When we approach a new customer or potential business partner our outward words need to match our inner words because if they are not congruent the sale will more than likely not happen. We are speaking two conflicting things at the same time. It is almost as though our inner thoughts are louder than the words we speak.

LISTEN to Neville Goddard: Self Talk Clip- Neville Goddard

The Telepathic Factor:

So, it became clear to me that people can read my mind when I am talking directly with them or while in close proximity. Perhaps it has something to do with that energy field that emanates from our bodies. Perhaps that field is modulated with information or feelings that their brain can subconsciously interpret.

Then, Fredric Lehrman, author of “The Inner Factors that Control Outer Success” introduced the concept of what he calls the “Telepa-phone.” He demonstrated that people could also be influenced when they were at a great distance. Here is how it works: While getting ready to go to sleep he spent a few minutes thinking about the person he was to call the next day. Nothing too detailed. He simply pretended he dialed the phone and spoke briefly with them. He said he would be calling, in the morning, to discuss some things that could be mutually beneficial. On the next day, when he made the call he found the person open and receptive and sometimes even expecting a call. He tells of one person who was called. When the man answered he answered with enthusiasm- almost like he expected the call. Fredric asked, “Do you know who this?” The man said, “No, but I know it’s gonna be about money and it’s gonna be good.”

LISTEN to Fredric as he talks, with Michael Oliver, about his experiment: Telepa-phone clip

A Law of Attraction Experiment:

My marketing team and I are putting together an experiment that will take the “Telepathic Factor” one step beyond. I will be sure to report on it soon. If you want to be a part of the test contact me.


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