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The Secret: What People Really Want

In my last post I encouraged fellow marketers not to promote (or lead with) their product, program or comp plan. I am sure that many of us have done just that. We have tried to talk our friends and family into buying our very cool products. We have tried to convince them that our companies were the best and that our compensation plans could make them financially free. Sound familiar?

Recently I have partnered with mentors that promote the “new school” approach. It’s also called attraction marketing. Here is the main theme:

  • People are all over the Internet looking for what they want.
  • Become a provider of “value” and offer them valuable information that will help them find or get what they want.
  • Become a leader in your field or market and people will be attracted to you.

The Secret: People are not just looking for a company or a product. They are looking for a real PERSON who is a LEADER. They are more interested in finding someone who can lead them to the success they desire. They would rather market a “less than superior” product if they can find a superior leader to guide them to success.

People get started with YOU because of YOU, NOT your business!

It’s because of this reason alone that the only thing you should be promoting on the front-end is YOU and the value YOU bring to the table. This is what is going to differentiate you from the MILLIONS of other network marketers out there who are foolishly marketing a company replicated website and acting like the masses out there who are all shouting the same things… this is why 97% of network marketers fail!

I am working on a “Product Review” section where I will review and discuss various systems and products. Hopefully, in this maze of information, this will make it a little easier to decide which way to turn and how to brand yourself as the LEADER you need to be.

And, above all:

Jumping into the First Opportunity that Comes Your way
may be Hazardous to Your Wealth.”
Tom LeBlanc

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