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The Power of Intention and the Law of Attraction

Power of Intention

I am going to share with you something that I have never shared or written about… until now. I have kept it bottled up for over 30 years and decided to release it now because I feel people are open-minded enough to accept it.

For over thirty years, as a physical therapist, I have been using a method I call (for lack of a better description) positive expectancy or positive intention. I have found that when patients do not feel like doing what they need to do to get better when we enter the room with a positive expectancy or a positive intention they usually cooperate. This has worked especially well when I actually “see” them as happy to see me and cooperating with me.

I have seen it both ways: We can either approach someone with a positive expectancy as responding favorably or we can say, “Oh, they will never do this or that. They will never get out of bed and walk with me. They will not want to work with me in my business.”

In the last few years I have learned and practiced the Law of Attraction (one of my posts that will bring you up to speed in the understanding of Law of Attraction). Now I see why this positive expectancy or positive intention works so well. It has to do with the vibes or feelings we are radiating. These vibes form a field that emanates from us several feet. (Sometime I’ll share with you an experiment I did years ago that demonstrates the strength of the field that surrounds each of us.)

Oh boy! You may be saying that  “This is sounding a little weird… talking about vibes and energy fields.” I had better share my experiment with you NOW while I still have your attention. Here it is.

We can listen to our electrical fields: Prior to going to physical therapy school I found an article that helped me build a small amplifier (technically called an operational amplifier) to audibly listen to muscle contractions. Three surface electrodes were placed on the skin over a muscle. When the muscle contracted the electrodes picked up the small electrical signals. It’s much like an EKG that measures the heart rhythms. But in this case, the signal was used to power an audio tone generator that increased in pitch, or frequency, as the strength of the muscle contraction signal increased. The stronger the muscle contracted– the higher the pitch of the device. This method later became known as biofeedback and was used for relaxation and muscle reeducation.

An experiment that paved the way to an understanding of the Law of Attraction: While in PT school I further developed the apparatus. In 1974 I experimented with the electronic components to increase the gain or sensitivity of the device. First, I noticed that when I touched one of the electrodes the audio sound generator would increase in pitch. Then, as I increased the sensitivity of the device I found that I did not have to touch the electrode but hold my hand a few inches away from it to get a reaction. In other words, it responded to my electrical field from a distance.

As I continued to change components to increase the sensitivity even more it got to the point where I was able to get it to respond as I walked into the room– about 10-12 feet from the electrodes.

This convinced me that we radiate some kind of energy to at least 10-12 feet and probably further if you had more sensitive equipment. Now, with my recent understanding of Law of Attraction I realize that our moods, feelings, intentions, expectations and emotions truly do produce vibes (or vibrations) that others can subconsciously pick up. And that is what makes Law of Attraction work.

Homework: Between now and the rest of your life be aware that your moods, feelings, intentions, and expectations cause an energy field that can be picked by others. When we think a certain way about what might happen or how someone will respond to us they pick up on it. Ask you the question: “If they could read my mind or my feelings what would I want them to receive?” It’s almost like Everyone Can Read Your Mind.

Use Positive Intention or Positive Expectancy when you approach people for your business and if it’s a good fit they will most likely respond favorably.

Other posts that you may find of interest include: Gaining Clarity with Your Goals and How Limiting Beliefs can Impact your Success. And to learn more about the Law of Attraction here is a post that has my YouTube video about the Law of Attraction.

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