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The Kinesthetic Personality Style

If you speak their language…
they are more likely to become a customer or join you as a business partner. With kinesthetic personalities you must “connect” with them.

Whether you are building a network marketing, MLM, direct sales or a conventional business it’s vital to understand who you are talking with and how they process information and make their decisions. When training my marketing team I strongly recommend that they learn and apply this powerful information if they are serious about building their business.

Post 1 of 4, in this series, looked at the “Visual” style. In Post 2 of 4 we outlined the “Auditory-digital” style. I am sure you noticed how different they process information and how diverse they are in many ways. In Post 3 of 4 we talked about the “Auditory Style.” In this final post of the 4-part series we will get a feel for the Kinesthetic personality style.

The Kinesthetic Style
Part 4 of 4

Strong Skills:

  • They are great with details
  • They love learning and taking lots of seminars.
  • They tend to ask a lot of question to express their caring (sometimes too many.)
  • They love conferences.
  • They are relationship, feeling and communication orientated.
  • They are more relaxed than other styles
  • Easy to get along with
  • team players
  • very loyal and dedicated
  • dependable
  • avoid conflicts
  • Very patient
  • Nurturing and supporting
  • They make good teachers, nurses and other health care workers.
  • They like to stay in touch.
  • They spend more time listening than talking.


  • They may tend to procrastinate.
  • They may have a tendency to be more sensitive and talk things personally.
  • They tend to buy into other people’s excuses.
  • They would rather submit than confront
  • They make decisions slower than some because they will seek the advice of others before deciding on something.


  • They enjoy doing things with people.
  • They like relationships.
  • They like helping people.
  • They like to “go with the flow” versus rigidly strive for goals.
  • Harmony
  • Animals
  • Peace, love and nature
  • Volunteering
  • They like getting to know people.
  • They like to please people.
  • They like to dress casual. Very conservative.
  • They like to smile.
  • They  like security.
  • They like to have help and support from other team members.


  • They dislike risks.
  • They dislike a lot of changes.
  • They do not like loud, pushy or obnoxious people.
  • They don’t like confrontations.
  • They don’t like being rushed or hurried.

Key words (that they use and relate to):

  • connect
  • feel
  • play
  • hugs
  • warmly
  • family

Key phrases: (that they use and relate to):

  • That feels right to me.
  • Come to grips with
  • Let’s touch base.
  • Let’s connect.
  • Take care.
  • Get a handle on it.
  • I feel strongly about this.
  • I have a gut feeling about this.
  • Let’s hang out together.
  • Let’s do this together.

What motivates them? They enjoy gatherings, pot-lucks, team events. They strive for the acceptance of others. It’s important for them to know that you will be by their side helping them along the way. The phrase, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” applies to this group. They feel strongly about that concept.

When talking with an kinesthetic personality be sure to ask about their family. Don’t get to the point too quickly. They will enjoy showing you family photos when you are visiting with them in person. Allow them to take the time they need to make a decision. Be pleasant with them… not firm and forceful. Let them know if there is a routine step-by-step system available to them. Let them know that their people-related skills are important in business. Ask a lot of questions and draw their opinions out of them. They don’t generally verbalize them quickly. Take your time with them. And be sure to be a good listener. Bea gently, non-threatening and sincere.

Each of us has a mix of all four personality styles although have one that we prefer and operate in most of the time. When we learn to recognize other styles we can relate better to them by adapting our style. In other words, if you love facts, figures and details realize that everyone does not want to know them. Others may just want to hear about the overall picture and not the details. Details will turn them off. On the other hand, if you are of the auditory style and you are talking with some who loves details (auditory-digital style) you will want to have some details you can refer them to, such as reports, studies, etc.

So, when we learn to exercise all four of our styles we will be able to adapt and relate better to others of different styles by speaking their language.

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