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The Ideal Business

What is the Ideal Business for you?

by Tom LeBlanc

I am sure you will agree that finding “The Ideal Business” would be a good thing to find — especially during this period of a seemingly crumbling economy. The ideal business is one that is ideal or right for you. It’s one that is a good fit for you. So, what’s ideal for someone else may not be ideal for you.

The ideal business has little to do with specific companies or opportunities or products or teams. It has everything to do with YOU… and what you want in a business. It has to do with finding a business that is “Ideal” or “Right” for you. Here are four steps that can empower you in your search for “the ideal business” for you:

  1. Start with a compelling emotional reason to find your “Ideal Business.”. Many call this your “Why.” Without a good reason for being in business you will more than likely be overcome by the day-to-day challenges of setting up and running a business. Your “Why” must be stronger than all the difficulties you will encounter. Your “why” must drive you and get you going in the morning.
  2. Identify what your “Ideal Business” will look like, feel like and be like. If you were to take archery training you would learn to identify the target and aim at it. The same is true for all of our goals and dreams in life. We must determine “exactly” what we want before going for it. Identifying what we want is the first step in activating the powerful force called the Law of Attraction. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to identify what we want… when we have no idea of what’s out there. However, we do find it easy to identify what we don’t like or what we don’t want. So first, make a list of all the things you do not like about business and some of the businesses you have been involved in. Then, flip or reverse each one to get a clear list of what you do want in a business. Learn more about this process in my post: “How to attract your ideal business through Law of  Attraction.”
  3. Believe you can find your “Ideal Business.” John Assaraf, said in The Secret, that “beliefs are ten thousand times more powerful than desires.” So, just wanting to find your “Ideal business” may not be enough. You must convert your desires to strong beliefs. Beliefs can either empower us or limit us. Limiting beliefs are called blocks and they can hold us back from achieving our goals and dreams.
  4. Find a mentor or a coach to help you zero in on your ideal business. We all have blind spots and limiting beliefs. I suggest you find a coach who is well-versed in Law of Attraction. Together you can zero in on what your ideal business will look like… according to your specifications.

Tom LeBlanc operates Magnetic Businesses. He believes that your business can become “Magnetic” and attract those potential customers who are actively searching for what you do best…
your products and services. He believes that this creates a “win-win” situation
for your business and for your customers.

“No Matter What Your Products or Services Include…
Potential Customers Are Searching Right NOW…

For What You Do Best!
Will They Find You?”
Tom LeBlanc

Seeking a Home Business?
Work with Tom

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  • Good Post… Thanks for sharing!!

  • Namale

    Makes lots of sense Tom. Been mulling about what MATTERS to people. If I am  engaged in a business whose core does not matter to me, I think it's a false start. Thanks for this post. Bless you.