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“The Best Way to Learn To Do What You Want To Do Is By Doing What You Want To Do.”

Tom30 Years Ago

I was working in a skilled nursing home as a new physical therapist at that time. Then, one day, the toughest patient I have ever had was admitted. Rusty was involved in a motor vehicle accident and was a physical wreck. After a few weeks in a coma we started working with him. As he progressed my assistant and I literally started standing him and walking him down the hall– almost like a puppet. We supported him on both sides and took turns pushing a leg forward– since he was unable to do so on his own.

Soon he started to move his own legs forward and then he started to stand better on his own power. To my amazement, he was really doing well. It was then when I coined the phrase, “The Best Way to Learn To Do What You Want To Do Is By Doing What You Want To Do.” After 2-3 months (not sure anymore) Rusty actually graduated, became independent, left the nursing facility and went home to soon get married. And that was the last time I had ever heard of him… UNTIL

Last Week

I received a call on the land line. The caller asked me if I was Tom, the physical therapist, and I said “Yes.” It was Rusty, after all those years. We talked and he shared with me how he has continued to be successful since our first encounter 30 years ago. What a thrill to hear from him after so long.

 “The Best Way to Learn To Do What You Want To Do Is By Doing What You Want To Do.” I have used the phrase on all my patients since that time. And it has helped to produce truly amazing results.

The Same Applies in Business or Any Endeavor

If you are starting a business… I would encourage you to get moving in that direction. Don’t wait until you have it all figured out or have it perfect. Just get started. Remember that Rusty was so weak he needed a couple of physical therapists to hold him up and guide him. You might want to find a mentor who can assist you and point you in the right direction. Start doing what you want to do and learn along the way. And perhaps you too will learn that  “The Best Way to Learn To Do What You Want To Do Is By Doing What You Want To Do.”


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  • Johanna Loong

    I like your story from 30 years ago, Tom..

  • Tom it really is all about just jumping in and doing it.  I really enjoyed your story and so glad that your patient reached out to you after 30 years.  This is truly inspirational and will hopefully kick some people in the butt to just make it happen.  After all, if you wait for perfect you will be waiting the rest of your life!

  • Rommel Ondong

    Hi Tom. Sometimes it takes the faith to let go and make things start. Fear and doubt at times could be a strong barrier in the heart of an individual. This makes for a lot of difficulty. Yes, you're right, doing it could be the best way to learn something that you'd want to do. Although at times, an individual must first learn how to learn to start doing it.