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The Auditory Personality Style

If you “speak” their language…
they are more likely “hear” what you are “saying” and become a customer or join you as a business partner.

Whether you are building a network marketing, MLM, direct sales or a conventional business it’s vital to understand who you are talking with and how they process information and make their decisions. When training my marketing team I strongly recommend that they learn and apply this powerful information if they are serious about building their business.

Post 1 of 4, in this series, covered the “Visual” style. In Post 2 of 4 we discussed the “Auditory-digital” style. I am sure you noticed how different they process information and how diverse they are in many ways. In this post we will talk about the “Auditory Style.”

The Auditory Style
Part 3 of 4

Strong Skills:

  • They are good story tellers.
  • They learn well by listening.
  • They like music.
  • They like talking on the phone.
  • Idea people. They get a lot of ideas.
  • Very open and direct.
  • They like to interact with their relationships.
  • They are creative and emotional.
  • They are enthusiastic, optimistic, persuasive, charming, motivation, very energetic.
  • They love people.
  • They are very dynamic promoters.
  • They are animated, funny and convincing and often the “life of the party.”
  • They love to have plenty of time to talk.


  • The can lack focus and get scattered.
  • They get bored quickly… especially with details.
  • The may need help to stay on task.
  • They can sound blunt or angry when they are not.
  • They may change the subject frequently and often repeat themselves.
  • They like being heard.
  • Sometimes talk too much.
  • Sometimes unorganized yet in an organized manner.
  • Tend to be poor on follow-up.
  • They tend to exaggerate.
  • Sometimes appear as being scatter-brained.
  • They may jump from company to company if they get bored and are no longer “having fun.”


  • They like to talk things out
  • They enjoy having a “sounding board” to talk over their many ideas.
  • They enjoy listening to music to relieve their stress.
  • They don’t like pressure or deadlines.
  • They like action plans… to help them stay focused.
  • They like the “buddy system.”
  • They like to dream.
  • They like excitement.
  • They like testimonials.
  • They like the “Big picture” rather than the technical details.
  • They like recognition and applause.
  • They like to make decisions spontaneously and based on feelings.
  • They like to be noticed and admired.
  • They like more stylish clothing.
  • They like to be animated.
  • They like to use a lot of voice fluctuations.
  • They like people and “people businesses.”
  • They like telling jokes.
  • The enjoy answering questions and verbally interacting in a classroom environment or on a TeleClass.


  • They dislike anything that is boring.
  • They dislike too much technical stuff.
  • They don’t like being alone.

Key words (that they use and relate to):

  • Hear
  • Ask
  • Resonate
  • Talk
  • Tell
  • Fun
  • Sound

Key phrases: (that they use and relate to):

  • Sounds good to me
  • That rings a bell
  • I hear you.
  • Tell me more
  • That rings true
  • That sounds like fun.
  • Let’s do this just for the fun of it.
  • Let me know about this idea I have.

What motivates them? They want to have a business that is FUN. They enjoy attending events with a lot of “fun” activities.

When talking with an auditory personality allow them to talk yet gently guide the direction of the conversation because they tend to veer off the subject. Pay attention to them. Speed up the conversation pace because they talk and move faster than the visual and auditory-digital styles. Keep an upbeat and fun pace. Support their dreams. Ask them for their opinions. BEWARE: Don’t overwhelm them with too much detail. They don’t want too many specifics… just the overall picture.

Each of us has a mix of all four personality styles although have one that we prefer and operate in most of the time. When we learn to recognize other styles we can relate better to them by adapting our style. In other words, if you love facts, figures and details realize that everyone does not want to know them. Others may just want to hear about the overall picture and not the details. Details will turn them off. On the other hand, if you are of the auditory style and you are talking with some who loves details (auditory-digital style) you will want to have some details you can refer them to, such as reports, studies, etc.

So, when we learn to exercise all four of our styles we will be able to adapt and relate better to others of different styles.

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