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STOP Promoting Your Network Marketing Products, Company and Comp Plan

I have always thought it was important to PROMOTE the “best” products, company, compensation plan, etc, because I thought it would ensure growth in my network marketing business. And it sure felt good to know that what I had, in my hands, was something “better” than anything else out there. I tossed and turned many nights thinking about how this or that product was going to finally build my business. It literally gave me warm and fuzzy feelings. I felt that because of what I was offering people should be lining up to talk with me.

Boy, was I ever wrong. For example, “Let me tell you about one of the best products I have ever seen. And here is why it is the best in the industry……. And, by the way, you wouldn’t believe what I’m gonna tell you about my company. And “the experts” have stated that the compensation plan is #1 on the planet. Any you wouldn’t believe how much money you can make with our system and program.” WRONG! I had better STOP right now before I drive off all my loyal readers … because that is what this message does best. It drives people away. The only thing I was right about is, “You wouldn’t believe.” And most everyone I talked with didn’t.

How many people, recently, have approached you, called you, spammed you and blurted to you about their awesome products and opportunities? (Don’t get me wrong- many of their products ARE excellent. But that’s not the point.) They are like a massive crowd… all shouting the same thing. From a distance they all look and sound the same. Yet, once in a great while someone will emerge from the crowd because he or she has a refreshingly different focus and approach. That person appears as a renegade because he or she moves in the opposite direction as the crowd and says things that go against conventional thinking and methods.

So, how do we stand out from the crowd? How can we be different enough for people to listen to us?  What the heck do we promote if we don’t promote our products or company or comp plan?

In my next network marketing tip I’ll reveal what people REALLY want. I’ll reveal the secret that could help turn your business around. HINT: I’ll share with you what people are REALLY looking for.

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