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Product Review: Renegade University

I am sure that there are many others out there who have had some difficult times finding the right network marketing or Internet marketing business. My road was rough. The thing that was so frustrating was all the trial and error…mostly error.  There are so few leaders who can lead others to success. Remember from my recent post..“What People Really Want.” People are not looking for a product or a company but a leader.


Succeeding in business can be like trying to solve the cube.

Allow me to share a story with you that relates to the product I am about to review for you.

Several years ago I bought a Rubik’s Cube. I put a good bit of time into trying to solve it. Sometimes it seemed like I was getting very close… only to take one little wrong turn and have to start completely over.  I heard that there are something like 519,024,039,293,878,272,000 possible arrangements of the individual cubes. Although it seems impossible I know of many people who have solved it without help. And that is amazing.

I too learned to solve it… but only after found someone who had already done it. I found a mentor and I walked in his shoes. This particular mentor wrote a book about how to solve the cube. I followed step-by-step and actually did it. Then I even got where I could do it in about a minute without using the book. I could have never been able to do it without a mentor. And I liken solving the cube to learning how develop a successful Internet or Network marketing business. So, I guess the moral of this story is “find a mentor” or leader who can show you the way. It will greatly reduce the learning curve.

The same was true for me in my online business endeavors. There were so many things to consider and learn: Web presence, autoresponders, landing pages, social marketing, writing skills, people skills, etc.

It has been said, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Well, that happened for me. Curt Johnson, now one of my mentors, approached me with a program that ties it all together. It’s like an online University and they call it Renegade University. When I joined I found a wealth of click-by-click video instructions on how to set up an Attraction Marketing system. Renegade University itself is a shining example of providing value.

Soon I graduated to the Renegade Professional– the paid version. This is a membership site that is literally like a university. There is video training on EVERY aspect of Attraction Marketing and everything that is associated with it. For example, Social Web 2.0 marketing like Twitter, Facebook, etc. It teaches how do video marketing on YouTube.

I especially enjoyed my Mentor’s articles (Curt) on developing a “You S.P. “ (The importance of selling people on you and the value you can provide.)

I also learned the importance of building a blog. One of the reasons is because search engines like them… and that means more traffic/visitors to your site. I watched Steve Anderson’s step-by-step videos (in the Renegade Professional training area) for setting up a WordPress blog. Oh, I could have done it without his help but it would have taken me 6 months instead of just a few days with his help. Thanks Steve!

It’s all about beating the learning curve. If we can find ways to learn the things we need to know faster we can get on with more important matters.

Thank you Curt for introducing me to Renegade University. Thanks to Mike Klingler and Ann Sieg for joining  forces to put that awesome membership site together.

I highly recommend Renegade University if you want to become thoroughly acquainted with the art of Attraction marketing.

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