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Potholes to Avoid as you Build a Home Business

On the Road to Home Business Success
There Are At Least 7 Potholes That Can Lead To Failure.
DISCOVER How You CAN Avoid These Traps

“With a 95% failure rate, in the home business industry, we need to look at
what everyone else is doing and do the opposite.”
Tom LeBlanc

POTHOLE #1: The number one reason for failure is working more on your business more than on yourself. In order to attract leaders you must first learn to be a leader. In order to attract people with confidence and power you must first develop confidence and personal power. Marketers must work on their Mindset and their Belief system before they can be successful in any business.

If your company or team does not take this kind of personal development seriously the deck is stacked against you.

RECOMMENDATION: Find a business or a team that stresses the importance of empowering YOU because YOU are the most valuable factor in your business. Business seekers are looking for people to join with… not just a company or product line or a compensation plan. Are you the kind of person others will want to join with?

POTHOLE #2 Many new business owners don’t understand the skill of Goal Setting. Did you know goals have four distinguishing characteristics that make them powerful? Here they are:

1. A GOAL must be clear (and written.)

2. It must have a time limit (If not… it is only a dream or fantasy.)

3. It must have a Plan or a map that keeps you on course.

4. You must be Working on the plan.

RECOMMENDATION: Find a business or a team that understand and teaches the art of goal setting.

POTHOLE #3 Many new and excited marketers want to tell everyone everything as soon as possible. They want to present their program far too soon in the conversation. How can we possibly tell a prospect that we have “just the thing for them,” when we don’t even know what they want or need? Who is the only person that knows what they want and need?… them.

First, we must learn the art of asking questions to uncover their wants and needs. Then we can know if our solution is right for them. When we present it we can explain it in terms of what they said they wanted or needed… telling them how our solution can satisfy their needs.

RECOMMENDATION: Find a business or a team that can help you to know when to present and when to not present. When we present our product of business too soon we can overwhelm them and actually drive them away. Giving too little information is always better than too much information. We call this the “exposure process” and it involves giving small bits of information that is directed by their answers to your questions along the way.

POTHOLE #4: Many new business owners do not know the basics of personality/learning styles. Have you ever noticed that some people love details while others just want the “Big Picture?” When you understand the differences in personality styles you can give the people more of what they can relate to.

Have you ever given a “Big Picture” person a bunch of details? How long did it take for them to lose interest and run the other way? On the other hand have you ever tried to skim over the surface only to find that the “detail” person wants all the facts, figures and proof they can get?.

Each of us has a primary personality style of 4 basic styles. It is always easy to communicate with others who share the same style. However, it more difficult communicating with those of another style. Did you know that if you could learn how to communicate with the other 3 styles you could actually increase your sales and effectiveness by up to 300%?

RECOMMENDATION: Find a business or a team that understands the value of various personality or learning styles and offers training on the subject.

POTHOLE #5: Many new business owners do not know the difference between “Hot Buttons” and “Heart Buttons.” I learned this vital distinction from my friend Michael Oliver. Remember, It does not matter WHAT people want that is important. What is important is WHY they want it.

For example, “Financial Freedom” may be a “Hot Button.” But the “Heart Button” is why they want financial freedom. It might be because they want to spend more quality time with their grandchildren. Heart buttons are all about inner emotions and feelings.

RECOMMENDATION: Find a business or a team that teaches the difference between “hot buttons” and “heart buttons.”

POTHOLE #6: Many new business owners don’t understand the difference between features, advantages and benefits. And they think that they need to tell all about all the features. This is sometimes referred to “Feature Dumping.”

Let me tell you a story to illustrate this: When I operated my physical therapy private practice a photocopier salesman showed me a new copy machine. When he told me about the speed I was impressed. When he told me about the ease of use I was ready to buy. He kept talking and talking and talking until he finally said… “And another really cool FEATURE that it does is sorts and collates.” At that point I stopped him and said, “I will NEVER use that feature. I changed my mind. I don’t want this unit anymore.” There is a tendency for us as marketers to TALK TOO MUCH! When we do we can talk our way out of a sale. It’s always better to give too little information instead of too much.

RECOMMENDATION: Find a business or a team that teaches the vital differences between features, advantages and benefits.

POTHOLE #7: Many people do not have a working knowledge of The Law of Attraction. In a nutshell the Law of Attraction can be described as “We Become a Powerful Magnet for Attracting Whatever We Focus on… Whether Good or Bad / Wanted or Unwanted.” As a dual-certified Law of Attraction Coach/Trainer I teach my Team members how to use the Law of Attraction to their benefit.

Did you know that you are already using the Law of Attraction in your business and in your life… whether you know it or not… whether you even believe it or not? It operates in everyone’s life, however, usually randomly. You must learn how to use the Law of Attraction DELIBERATELY to attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. If you don’t like the results you are getting there is a technique you can learn to RESET your results and get different results.

RECOMMENDATION: Find a business or a team that understands and teaches the important aspects of the Law of Attraction. Since it’s a proven fact that each of us is already using the law of Attraction wouldn’t it make sense to learn how to use it deliberately?

I will be going into greater detail on the above topics.

To Your Brilliant Success,

Tom LeBlanc
Dual certified Law of Attraction Trainer

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