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Personality Styles: the Auditory-Digital Style

If you speak their language…
they are more likely to make “Sense” to them and become a customer or join you as a business partner.

Whether you are building a network marketing, MLM, direct sales or a conventional business it’s vital to understand who you are talking with and how they process information and make their decisions. When training my marketing team I strongly recommend that they learn and apply this powerful information if they are serious about building their business.

When you understand how others process information, communicate and make their decisions you can relate to them much better. It’s also important to understand your own personality style. When talking with a potential customer or potential business partner, of a different style, it will be important to speak their language. It is vital to know if they prefer a lot of information or just the overall big picture.


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How to recognize people who prefer the Auditory-Digital communication style? They generally gravitate to the sciences and occupations that deal with facts and figures or problem solving, such as accountants, engineers, scientists. They are excited by logic and reason and fear being illogical. They have a more formal and conservative look. They tend to have a structured and deliberate walking pattern. They demonstrate few, if any, facial expressions and few body jesters.

They keep a neat and organized office environment. You might see maps, flow charts or graphs within sight. When they write letters or emails they will generally be long and filled with lots of data to back up what they are presenting.

Their voice will be relatively monotone with few voice inflections. They speak at a slower rate and with less volume than the “Visuals” we discussed in the last blog post.

Strong Skills:

  • Preparation skills
  • Follow through skills
  • Analysis
  • Very organized
  • Dependable
  • Great planners


  • Sometimes fall into “paralysis by over-analysis.”
  • Critical
  • Overly cautious
  • Hard to please because they are often perfectionists.
  • Tend to be more pessimistic and skeptical than other personality styles.
  • When presenting their business they may tend to go into much more detail than most want to know about. They love to discuss compensation plans and other details. They like to make sure they are covering all the bases.


  • They like mysteries.
  • They like doing things one at a time… in sequence.
  • They love to make sense of complex concepts.
  • Acknowledgment and reinforcement.
  • They like to hear, “Thanks. I appreciate how you handled this.”
  • The enjoy time alone. Tend to be withdrawn and loners.
  • Agendas and timelines
  • Completing projects.
  • They like to analyze things and solve problems.
  • They like details and facts.
  • Being on time, being right, being accurate, and being precise.
  • They like to schedule things.
  • They like processes and systems.
  • They like order, structure, planning and preparing. (They hate chaos.)
  • They like predictability.
  • They like being right.
  • They love documentation (“Documentation always beats conversation.”)
  • They like to qualify what they say. They want to come across as logical and rational.
  • They like to study their genealogy reports.


  • They dislike being wrong or embarrassed.
  • They dislike people who are not on time.
  • The dislike people who are loud.
  • They do not like being rushed or pushed.
  • They do not like interruptions.
  • They do not like skipping over steps. They like sequence.
  • The dislike disorganized and unprepared people.
  • They dislike spontaneity and surprises.
  • They do not like a lot of jokes when talking about business.

Key words (that they use and relate to):

  • Process
  • Think
  • Know
  • Details
  • Organize
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Budget
  • Tasks, charts, graphs
  • Sequence (Keep things in order. Follow the steps.)

Key phrases: (that they use and relate to):

  • I know that.
  • Based on my research…
  • That makes sense.
  • “I have to think about it.”
  • All the ducks are in a row (Order is very important to them.)

So, when you are talking to someone who prefers the Auditory-Digital style you would do well to have all your ducks in a row and be organized and prepared. Do not “play it by ear” with them. Do not be disorganized or informal. Cover points in a bulleted list format and do not miss any steps. Stay in sequence. Be thorough, logical and well-prepared. Shower them with details and information which they love to analyze. Give them time to process what you give them. Because they consider everything they seem slow at making decisions but when they do make a decision they usually stick with it.

Appeal to their need for documentation, logic and accuracy. Remember they like documentation more than conversation. Go easy with testimonials… unless they are from highly-respected individuals.

Gear any compliments toward their efficiency and effectiveness in working with processes and procedures.

You will need to ask questions, questions and questions to draw out their needs.

When you write or send an email to them be specific, prepared and precise. Offer them plenty of references for further research.

When talking with them on the phone always be prepared, precise and task oriented. Stick to the plan. Go straight to business instead of talking about relationships, family, etc. Discuss the pros and the cons. When getting them started with you have a detailed plan ready for them… backed up with documentation. Direct them to the company tools so they can get all the information they need.

They will make their business decisions based more on logic than emotions.

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