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Offline Marketing on Steroids

Could this New Hybrid Offline-Online System of Generating and Managing Leads prove to be the “Wave of the Future” for building your Local or Work at Home Business? Find out now!

Those of you who are building a network marketing or an Internet marketing business know how difficult it can be to generate and manage leads or prospects. We know that new leads– people who are potentially interested in what we are doing or offering are the life blood of our businesses.

You may have heard of or used some of the myriad of online methods to generate interest in your businesses or products. Some include:

  • Social Media (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • Lead capture pages
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • YouTube videos
  • Free Online Classified ads (Like Craigslist and Backpage)
  • Mobile applications and “Mobile friendly” websites
  • SMS Campaigns (text messaging)

Offline methods include:

  • Press releases
  • print ads
  • Radio ads
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Flyers and postcards

At first glance, it can be overwhelming to consider learning about so many methods. A person could spend hours researching each one of them…not to mention the time involved to set them up properly.

Experts have been developing new systems. They have been looking for a system that is easy to learn and use and very duplicatable. It has been a long and hard process.

NOW, FINALLY, a team of marketing experts has come up with and perfected a Hybrid System that incorporates both Online and Offline Marketing Strategies. It not only helps you generate interested leads but allows you to manage them efficiently. And, best of all, when you check it out, you will see how it is highly duplicatable because you will understand how anyone can do it.

Here is an example of how the Hybrid System can be used in a home-based business. When you look over the three short videos you will think of ways you can incorporate the system into your own business. If you don’t have a business it will give you ideas for that as well. Here is a Quick Overview and Example of the Hybrid System in Action.

After you have seen and listened to the system in action I would be happy to share with you a Video Replay of the background and launch of this system…. and how it has been optimized for your business success.


Tom LeBlanc’s passion is to help people build and promote local businesses and home-based businesses. His 40+ years of experience, as an entrepreneur and business builder, allows him to understand where you are coming from and how difficult it can sometimes be.


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