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Mental Magic-The Mental Effect of SIMULATION


Mental techniques that can work like magic to help you grow your business. 

Mental Simulation
Use it to Grow Your Business.

When I served in the U.S. Air Force I worked in the field of space vehicle electronics and instrumentation. One of the exercises we conducted, as a launch control group, was to “Simulate” launches. To simulate a launch was to literally “pretend” that we were launching a space vehicle. We went through all the steps just as though it was really happening.

At the same time I was taking college courses, in the evenings, on the Air Force base. Occasionally I came across a course that I was not too fond about. Then, suddenly I had a crazy idea. I suggested to myself, “I wonder what would happen if I would ‘simulate’ an interest in a course. If I pretended that I liked it would I end up really liking it?”

So, I tried it. I went into a class that I did not like, saying to myself,”I really love this class.” I actually visualized  or saw myself (in my mind’s eye) thoroughly enjoying the class and even earning a good grade. I call it Mental Simulation.

It worked! I earned an A in the course and ended up really enjoying it.

HOW CAN THIS HELP YOU? If you dread calling prospects you might simulate enjoying making the calls. See yourself finding it easy and developing relationships that will be mutually beneficial.

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  • Hey nice post, Ideas directly influence peoples actions and this is a great idea I'm going to try thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you for the reminder of what one of my shihans (teachers) stressed; Mind is master and body follows.