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Master the Law of Attraction Course with Anthony Hamilton

There is still time to get in on Anthony Hamilton’s
One-Month Law of Attraction Mastery Teleclass

I discussed Anthony Hamilton in my last post where I spoke about his free “How to get what you want” mini-course.

However, he just started a live Teleclass that involves student interaction and question-answering.

The Bad news is that he has already conducted the first session.

The Good News is that when I talked with Anthony he agreed to allow others to enter the class at class #2. They can catch up by listening to a recorded replay of class #1.

Here is what he says about the class:

Mastering the Law of Attraction

and it’s going to blow your socks off!

You’ve heard about the law of attraction. You might have even gotten some results with it. But in this online class we’re going to take it to a whole other level.

You will learn the number one reason people don’t get results with the Law of Attraction and how to set it up so you DO get results.

In fact, I am going to show you how to get INSTANT results, and even more, how to get those results to STICK, so you maintain the results long term.

In addition you will learn…

How to stop attracting what you don’t want


How to attract more of what you do want


How to use a three-step process to attract more of what you want


How to discover your unconscious ‘blocks’ that are preventing you from manifesting what you want and how to remove them.


One “magic phrase” that attracts more of what you want


You will also learn the secrets of


How to create the vibration of success


How to guarantee long-term results


How to attract more love into your life


How to use past successes to attract future results


How to erase negative emotions


How to create positive emotions


You will also learn


Two ways to use visualization
(And why one of them blocks your manifesting)


How to experience success in advance


and even more…

You will be able to interact with others in an online mastermind forum to share ideas and information and mutual support and to get all your questions answered.

I will be launching this one-month program in the near future for between $200 and $300 Dollars, But for a limited time, I’m offering a limited number of spaces in this program at only $7.

That’s right…. only $7!

For those who want to still get in on this powerful class here is the link.

Master the Law of Attraction by Anthony Hamilton

Master the Law of Attraction by Anthony Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach/Trainer and author. In his new book,
Mind, Time and Power he explains how to:

  • Change your past
  • Empower your present, and
  • Create your future

In his mini-course, “How To Get What You Want,” he gives a great overview of several success-building concepts.

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