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Is the Water or Beverage You are Drinking Reducing Your Productivity?

Shocking Discovery-modCould it be possible that the water or other beverages you are drinking could literally be sabotaging your success? Yes, it’s true! Certain “qualities” of the beverages you drink  influence your health, your energy level and ability to think clearly. They influence your productivity and your ability to conduct your business… They literally control your level of success in not only your business but your personal life.

URGENT!… Check out this Beverage Chart and learn how what you are drinking is influencing your success. You may be shocked! Here is an eBook, “The Body Balance” that explains the beverage chart. Here is a hint: Drinks that have an acidic pH harm us. The ORP is a measure of the products antioxidant quality. The higher the “positive” number the worst it is for you and the more “negative” values have antioxidant qualities, like vitamin C. Please let me know, by way of a comment, if you have any questions.

FINAL NOTE: Look at this online demo and let me know what shocked you the most about it:


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  • WOW! Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  • I have to say… this is more than interesting…. this is kind of shocking! Thank you for the nice information.

  • Emily

    Astounding information regarding Kangen water, THANK YOU! I fully understand the value of alkalizing the body and what that means for sustaining health.  How much is the ionizing unit and where can I get one?  We currently use mineral sachets to alkalize our drinking water that we filter with a reverse osmosis unit which isn't all that effective given the ppm of hardness in the local water supply.