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Internet Network Marketing Success: Learn to Generate Targeted and Responsive Leads

Leads or potentially interested people, are the lifeblood of EVERY business. I emphasize potentially interested because not everyone in your “warm market” such as family, friends and coworkers will be interested in your new start-up network marketing business or product. Many of these warm market leads are skeptical of home business opportunities, network marketing businesses, and MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). And rightly so because they are just not convinced that they work.

Network marketers are tempted to consider their friends and family as a bunch of losers because instead of listening and taking action they often criticize and ridicule new opportunities. It  is wise not to look at them in that way. Some of them are simply not looking for an opportunity or not ready for a change. That does not mean that they are “bad” people or “losers.” Some might be great people who could do well in network marketing when their timing is better. Here are some other reasons why they may not join with you:

  • Satisfied: They just may not be looking for anything else. They may be fully satisfied with their job, career, or financial situation.
  • Past Failure: They may have failed in a network marketing business.
  • Fear of failure: Let’s face it. Nobody wants to lose time or money. Nobody wants to fail.
  • Insufficient Knowledge: Many people are simply not educated regarding the network marketing industry and how effective it is in moving products and generating wealth and true residual income

When a network marketer does not have an abundance of leads he suffers from a condition called “Lead Poverty.” Lead poverty results in a lack of action because they see an end to the list of people who hopefully will be interested in what they are doing.

SOLUTION: Network marketers must expand their search far beyond their warm markets and learn to generate leads on the Internet. There are ways to put together what we call lead generating funnels. This is done by attracting interested people who are looking for what you have and sending them to a series of landing pages or capture pages designed to provide value in exchange for their name and email address. Then, they are further filtered through a series of autoresponder follow-up letters. By the time the filtering process is nearly completed you will have very targeted and interested people/leads who want to know more about what you are doing. Wouldn’t that be a switch instead of talking to people who simply are not looking or not ready for a change? This is the first of a series of articles relating to reasons why network marketers fail.

Do you know that network marketers blow thousands of dollars every day on unresponsive MLM lead generating services? Are you one of them? Learn to attract only responsive network marketing leads virtually free and kiss rejection goodbye forever. Stay tuned to our upcoming blog posts.

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