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Importance of Selling Internet Marketing in a Recession

The Absolute Best time
to Buy and Sell Marketing Services
is During a Recession.

It may seem like a contradiction, but the truth is that the absolute best time to both sell and buy marketing services is during a recession. When times are good, there are many businesses that can survive with minimal marketing. They continue to thrive based on either the strength of their reputation or their existing client list.

However, as a recession begins to fall, people begin to tighten their belts. Because of this, it is important for small businesses to find ways to gain new clients; otherwise they may end up suffering the full effects of a recession. If you run an internet marketing business and you are marketing to small business clients, there are some very important points that you can use to make your services look much more attractive and get them to loosen their belts just a bit.

When most business owners sense a recession coming, they start looking for ways to cut back their expenses. The mistake that most of them make is to cut back on their overall marketing expenses, feeling that they need to concentrate on reducing their budget to keep their business afloat. This is actually one of the worst things that they can do.

When you are marketing to small business clients, you really have to get the point across that, when a recession comes, the best thing to do is to market harder, not less. In order to do this, you’ll have to show them how they can benefit from an increase in internet marketing services, especially during a recession.

You see, during a recession, a business’s competitors are going to be experiencing many of the same things that they are. This means that they will also likely be cutting back on marketing. The company that doesn’t follow that trend and, instead, aggressively pursues the clients that are out there is going to quickly start scooping up market share that might have gone to their competitors.

Even if the overall growth of clients and customers is slower than it would be during good times, that growth will continue long after the recession has ended. Of course, if you can convince a small business of the wisdom of continuing to market themselves, even during a recession, getting them to spend those dollars on internet marketing should be a breeze. If they’re trying to reduce their marketing budget, then putting them into online marketing efforts where there are larger returns will make sense.

You can sell online marketing to these types of clients based on simple math alone. There are so many more prospects and leads online that can be reached through proper internet marketing campaigns than could ever be reached for the same price through more traditional marketing methods.

In addition, the Return On Investment of online marketing dollars has been shown to be much higher than other, more expensive marketing methods. The ROI on email marketing, for instance, has some very strong figures. One thing to remember is that, instead of promoting internet marketing services as a resource when the sky is falling, you should show your potential clients how using internet marketing during a recession can be a major opportunity to ensure success well into the future.

Helping Local businesses to be more successful during a recession is a good business to be in.
Start Your Own Local Advertising Agency
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  • This means that they will also likely be cutting back on marketing. The company that doesn’t follow that trend and, instead, aggressively pursues the clients that are out there is going to quickly start scooping up market share that might have gone to their competitors.

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