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How Past Successes Can Impact Your Future Success

Learn This Simple Mental Technique
and You Will Empower Yourself
To Succeed in WHATEVER You Do.”

“So a successful person is really a person who FEELS A CERTAIN WAY
about himself or herself and about his or her abilities.
This “certain way” is a specific mind set,  made up of a certain collection of feelings
and with a certain kind of internal dialogue.”

Anthony Hamilton

You may have heard the phrase,”Nothing succeeds like success.” What do you think it means? I think it implies that success breeds more success. Here is an example:

When my daughter, Janette, was 12 years old she wanted to get her ham radio license like her dad. Together, we studied technical topics that covered radio waves, electronics, etc. It wasn’t easy but she did find success in learning the material needed to pass her “technician” radio exam.

Soon afterwards I wrote an article about Janette and her journey to getting and using her ham radio license. 73 magazine, a popular amateur radio magazine, published the article about her with a photo.

Perhaps you can imagine the feelings of success Janette had. She passed the ham test at a young age and got her picture in a ham radio magazine. Those “feelings” made her walk taller and she went on to excel in many other things.

I recently ran across a brilliant man named Anthony Hamilton. He is a cutting-edge thinker in the area of teaching others how to be successful in whatever they do.

In one of the chapters of his Free 30-day mini-course, called “How To Get What You Want” he talks about how past successes can empower us NOW.

Anthony asks the reader to “Make a list of past successes.” Let me ask you to think of something, in the past, that you did well or succeeded in doing. It can be a small or large success. It will probably be something you were proud about doing or achieving.

Got it? Now think about that success and notice how it makes you feel. Do you feel empowered? Anthony calls this “The feeling of success.”

Then Anthony asks his readers to ask themselves two probing questions about that past success. Those two vital questions literally pave your way to success in all you do.

To learn more about how past successes can empower you NOW I highly recommend that you claim your FREE copy of his 30-day mini-course, called “How To Get What You Want.”

Anthony Hamilton is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach/Trainer and author. In his new book,
Mind, Time and Power he explains how to:

  • Change your past
  • Empower your present, and
  • Create your future

In his mini-course, “How To Get What You Want,” he gives a great overview of several success-building concepts.

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Tom LeBlanc

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  • Barbara Scott

    I have taken some of Anthony's courses and read his book. He is top notch. I highly recommend him.
    Barbara Scott, Victoria