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Gaining Clarity in Your Goal Setting

Make Goal Setting a Habit and Start Moving.
Every Goal Achievement Begins with A First step.

Is Your Goal Setting Backfiring?              Are your Prayers being Answered?

Have you ever wondered why you keep attracting the same type of people into your business or the same type of people into long-term relationships? Well, you are not alone because we all have taken turns doing this.

The GOOD NEWS is that you can learn how to attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want into your life and into your business.  It’s Step 1 of the three step process of deliberate attraction as described in the Law of Attraction. It has to do with clarity or becoming very clear about exactly what we want— specific goals. Here is how it works.

Three Culprits of Goal-Setting (or prayer) Failure: There are three little words, in the English language, that can lead you to attract what you don’t want. They are:

  • Don’t,
  • Not,  and
  • No

I am not saying you shouldn’t ever use them because sometimes they serve a useful function in our communication. The time you want to be cautious about using these words is when you are talking about  personal or business goal setting. Those three words will literally sabotage your goal setting process.

I want you to understand why those words must be used with caution. First, you must consider that the first premise of the Law of Attraction is that we always get more or whatever we give your attention, energy and focus to. Every time we use the words don’t, not, and no … in that very moment, we just brought attention to what we don’t want to bring attention to.

Here are some examples:

  • I don’t want you to think of the Statue of Liberty. What did you just think of?
  • Don’t think of a snowman. Did you think of a snowman?
  • Don’t think about Santa Clause
  • When you tell your kids “Don’t forget… what are you bringing attention to?… forgetting.
  • Here is an example the devastating effects of using the word “No.” Go to Google and do a search for “no football” and see what you get in the search results.
  • How about the word “Not?” Tell your dog  “We are NOT going to the park” and tell me what his tail does as he runs for the car.

So, if you find that those three words have been sabotaging your goal setting by having you focus on the wrong things… how do you change it?

The Tool for Correction

Take a blank piece of paper and draw a vertical line from top to bottom in the middle of the sheet. Now draw a horizontal line to make a large “T” on the page. List the things that you don’t want on the left side of the “T.” I know…. I just used “don’t” in the last sentence. We must learn the acceptable usage of the words.

At the top of the other side of the “T” write, “What I do want.”

Now, go down the list of what you don’t want and ask yourself the question of each…. “So, what do I want?” Write that on the other side of the vertical line. Here is an illustration from my YouTube Law of Attraction Video-2. Although this example is about business goals it could just as easily apply to any goal or prayer request.

contrast to clarity worksheet

Michael Losier, a leading Law of Attraction expert, calls this the “Contrast to Clarity Exercise,” where contrast is what you don’t want and clarity is becoming clear about what you do want. Becoming clear about what we want is the first step (of three steps) to achieving your goals or getting your prayers answered.

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Tom LeBlanc

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  • With the New Year creeping up on us faster than most of us would like, I can’t think of a better way to start off the new year than gaining clarity in my goal setting.

    Adrian Maddox


  • With the New Year creeping up on us faster than most of us would like, I can’t think of a better way to start off the new year than using the Law of Attraction to make my goals come true.



  • I write down my goals in a 2010 goals booklet. It is always in my wallet and I review it regularly. It keeps me focused on what really matters to me.

    Enjoy and success!

  • O. Darlene Wood

    It's amazing how much control words can have on us until we learn they are energy as well.
    I just added today: “I enjoy Financial Freedom & Abundance. I enjoy the blessings from Positive Abundance Thinking & Action.

    How would this compare with your thoughts Michael?
    Agape' O. Darlene Wood

  • Alfred Jones

    Great article -Great Blog. Over years, I learned the amazing Positive Thinking/Law of Attraction. My problem is remembering to use it. Tis so easy to be cynical, sarcastic, and negative, when seeing the many idiotic things happen, in the World. We must learn to think above them. Thanks for your insights. ~ ~Alfred Jones