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Eliminate Fear of Failure

The Fear of Failure Can Paralyze a Person
and Block the Action that will Lead to Success.

Many of us have felt the powerful hand of the fear of failure. It blocks action and leads to procrastination.

Here is one way to neutralize this fear.

When a rocket is launched the goal or target has already been determined. For example the Apollo crafts were sent to the moon. On the way to the moon, the Goal, the craft veered off course several times. These were not failures in the guidance system. Minor course corrections were needed to stay on course- so that the goal of the moon could be reached.

What if we were to consider our business “failures” as opportunities for course corrections? Just like the Apollo space craft, on the way to the moon, we are moving toward our goal. By reframing failures into something more positive- like an opportunity to correct the course by making small adjustments in our way of doing things we can eliminate the fear or failure because there is really NO FAILURE- but only the need to correct the course.

My favorite line in the movie Apollo 13 is “Failure is Not an Option.” There is no failure- only the need to make course corrections like changing the way we are talking with people or managing our business.

To your business success,

Tom Leblanc


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