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Do You Have A Financial Safety Net?

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THE HARSH REALITY: Most people have only one primary income. Experts say that “80% are 3 months from bankruptcy if their primary income stops.”

THE SOLUTION: Develop a secondary Income Stream that can support you if and when you are downsized or for any reason you lose your primary income. I like to call this a Financial Safety Net.

What is a FINANCIAL SAFETY NET? Additional income can come in many ways. Over 60 million Americans are now earning income from the comfort of their homes.

WHAT WILL A SAFETY NET DO FOR YOU? It will provide Financial Security and peace of mind.

I LEARNED THE HARD WAY: Please refer to The Illusion Of Making “Good Money” You too will realize that “Good Money” is False Security.

RECOMMENDATION: If you already have a home business I encourage you to work it. If you do not have one I encourage you to look for one. However, you must Investigate Before You Invest. Because jumping into the first opportunity can be hazardous to your wealth.



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