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Destructive Power of Our Words

The Power of Creation and Destruction is in our Words

We must use our words carefully.

I am sure most of us have heard the saying,

“Sticks and stones will hurt my bones but words (names) can never hurt me.”

We said it, as kids, when we were verbally insulted. We told ourselves that words did not hurt us… BUT THEY DID. And they still do.

I conducted an experiment with my daughter… years ago to see how mere words influence us. It involved a technique called applied kinesiology. Here is how it went:

“Now, Janette, I am going to test your arm strength. Hold it out to the side and hold as I push down.” This is called an indicator muscle and it can tell us about what is happening in our system.”

I continued, “Now, I want yo to totally understand that what I am about to say is NOT TRUE. I am just going to say it to demonstrate a point. Your arm strength is strong not and now I am going to say something… but I AM JUST KIDDING, OKAY. Again, what I a am about to say is NOT TRUE. Ready?”

“Okay, Janette, I just checked the mail and got a report from your school. And guess what? You are flunking three of your classes? Now hold your arm out to the side so I can test it again. WOW, it’s a lot weaker, isn’t it? You can hardly hold it up.”

This illustrates the power of words. The words we say can be encouraging or destructive… even when we say, “I’m just kidding.” or “Just giving you a hard time.”

So, if you are working with business partners or a team or down-line be careful of your words. Words either BUILD UP or TEAR DOWN the people we speak them to.

In a future post I’ll describe what I discovered about how our body responds to negative words and even negative thoughts. You will see how our bodies actually undergo immediate physical changes (within seconds) in terms of muscle weakness patterns and bony misalignment in response to what he think or hear people say.

Stay tuned!

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  • This is absolutely awesome. I'm looking forward to reading the continuation.