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How Past Successes Can Impact Your Future Success

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Learn This Simple Mental Technique and You Will Empower Yourself To Succeed in WHATEVER You Do.”

“So a successful person is really a person who FEELS A CERTAIN WAY about himself or herself and about his or her abilities. This “certain way” is a specific […]

Two Roads- Which One Are You On

Two Roads- Which are you on?

I believe that the first road is responsible for the 97% failure rate in the Home Business Industry. I also believe that the second road can help us to become part of people’s SOLUTIONS instead of ADDING TO THEIR PROBLEMS.

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BEWARE of how you shorten your URL’s

Twitter has an automatic method of shortening the URL so that your Tweet can stay within the character guidelines. And it works well. I recently switched to tr.im because it has cool tracking capabilities. So I have used this method of shortening my long URLs until today!!! I found that all the posts were nonfunctional […]