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Features versus Benefits

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Want to Promote Your Business, Product or Cause? “Speak to their deepest wants and needs and you will get their attention.”

by Tom LeBlanc

When you look for a product, a business, or an opportunity are you interested in all the facts, figures and details or in […]

The Ideal Business

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What is the Ideal Business for you?

by Tom LeBlanc

I am sure you will agree that finding “The Ideal Business” would be a good thing to find — especially during this period of a seemingly crumbling economy. The ideal business is one that is ideal or right for you. […]

Are You a Frustrated Network Marketer?

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“You may think that finding the right network marketing or home based business has to be frustrating… like putting a square peg in a round hole. It’s not your fault and it DOES NOT have to be that way.”

One of many reasons may be responsible for that feeling of […]

The Art of Questioning

// // Learn to Ask the Right Kind of Questions to Uncover Needs BEFORE You Tell Them All About Your Product.


Have you ever noticed while telling someone about your products or service how they have an disinterested stare? Does it sometimes seem like you are talking to a brick wall? Do […]

Find a Mentor

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“Succeeding in Business can be like trying to solve a Rubix Cube. Find a mentor.” Tom LeBlanc

“Learn from the experts. you will not live long enough to figure it all out by yourself.” Brian Tracy

I am sure that there are many others out there who have had some difficult times […]

“The Best Way to Learn To Do What You Want To Do Is By Doing What You Want To Do.”

“The Best Way to Learn To Do What You Want To Do Is By Doing What You Want To Do.” Don’t wait until you are perfect to get started. […]

The Secret: What People Really Want

What People Really Want […]