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Trouble with Starting and Not Finishing Projects

Have you ever started a project and never could get yourself to finish it? It was a trait for me.. way back into childhood until I learned this… […]

They Can Read Your Mind


How Would It Impact Your Sales and Marketing If Customers Could Read Your Mind? THEY CAN! Most Everyone Can, so Be Careful of What You Think.

I always thought “Mind Reading” was the stuff of science fiction movies, like Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. How could that be possible? How could anyone really read […]

New Insight About Target Markets

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Who is Really the Target in a Target Market?

“A target market is a group of customers that the business has decided to aim its marketing efforts.” Wikipedia®

A lot has been written about the need to define your “Target Market” before you begin your marketing […]

How Mental Time Travel Can Empower Your Future


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UNTIL NOW… The SECRET of Mental Time Travel Has Been Hidden From The Masses. NOW, Breakthrough Information Is Available That Can Change Your Personality, Increase Your Confidence And Empower You To Create The Goals And Dreams You Desire.

“When we think, we are sending a part of our awareness to a […]

Master the Law of Attraction Course with Anthony Hamilton

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There is still time to get in on Anthony Hamilton’s One-Month Law of Attraction Mastery Teleclass

I discussed Anthony Hamilton in my last post where I spoke about his free “How to get what you want” mini-course.

However, he just started a live Teleclass that involves student interaction and question-answering.

The […]

Curious or Serious About Changing Your Present Financial Situation?

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Only When We are SERIOUS About Making A Change in Our Behavior Can We Influence our Financial Health

“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

The following YouTube video is only 90 minutes, however, if the timing is right it could literally […]

You Can Take Your Life Back

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Attention: Those Who are READY to SEIZE Financial Control in their Lives

DISCOVER How A Law of Attraction Coach Can Empower You to “Attract” Your “Ideal” Home Business… one that is designed according to YOUR Specifications… so that you can enjoy doing what’s Important to You .

by […]

You Can Enjoy Paying Your Bills

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Paying the Bills Truly CAN Be Painless

© by Rebecca Hanson & Global Law of Attraction Training Center™

Ugh! The handful of bills feels like an armload of bricks. My stomach hurts and – darn! Where did that calculator go, anyway? I scrounge through my wallet for the latest ATM […]

Features versus Benefits

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Want to Promote Your Business, Product or Cause? “Speak to their deepest wants and needs and you will get their attention.”

by Tom LeBlanc

When you look for a product, a business, or an opportunity are you interested in all the facts, figures and details or in […]

The Ideal Business

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What is the Ideal Business for you?

by Tom LeBlanc

I am sure you will agree that finding “The Ideal Business” would be a good thing to find — especially during this period of a seemingly crumbling economy. The ideal business is one that is ideal or right for you. […]