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Be Careful about Sharing Your Goals Too Soon

Your Goals and Dreams
could be in DANGER

Have you ever shared ideas, plans or intentions with the wrong people and only received negative and discouraging words in return? Me too.

When I work with people I often see great potential and great things for them. Sometimes these goals for them seem almost “delusional” to others who also know those people. Recently, I have learned to let things develop a little first — before saying too much about it.

Your Goals and dreams are like young and tender plants. They are fragile and easily damaged. Take care to water and nourish them. As your goals and dreams grow and develop you can more safely share them with others.

How do you feel about this? I am interested in knowing.

Tom LeBlanc operates Magnetic Businesses. He believes that your business can become “Magnetic” and attract those potential customers who are actively searching for what you do best…
your products and services. He believes that this creates a “win-win” situation
for your business and for your customers.

“No Matter What Your Products or Services Include…
Potential Customers Are Searching Right NOW…

For What You Do Best!
Will They Find You?”
Tom LeBlanc

Seeking a Home Business?
Work with Tom

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  • tjmajicstix100

    I think that this is sooo true Indeed!!Thank You!!!

  • Lance

    Great point Tom.