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Another Method of Putting Audio on your Blog

In an earlier post I explained how I Put audio on my Websites. Although I have used that method for years I recently found a new method (new to me anyway.) I am just learning how to use it. I would be interested in your comments about and how it works for you… if you decide to give it a shot. After the explanation below I’ll do a short video to give more detail. NOTE: While the other method works on all Websites and blogs this method is for the WordPress Blog.

First, I will describe it and then I’ll put together a short video to show you the steps.  Well, here we go..

1. Install “WPaudio” plugin by going to the “Plugin” section in the navigation bar of your blog and click on “Add New.” When the search bar appears type in or paste the name of the plugin… WPaudio. Then click to install it.

2. Now you need to upload your MP3 voice or music file. Do this by going to the “Media” tab on your navigation bar. Click on “Add New.” A screen will appear with a little box at the top that says Browse. This allows you to look at all the files on your hard drive. When you find the file that you want to use  press the “Upload” Button. This will bring that file into your WordPress Media Library.

3. Go to your Media Library and look for the file you just uploaded. When you find it click on “Edit.”

4. Look for the box that contains the “File URL” Copy the entire URL. Then paste it between the Quotation marks in the following HTML code. NOTE: I already placed my file URL there. Simply highlight everything between the “quote” marks and paste your file URL there.


Also replace my text= to the title of your file.

5. Copy that entire code and paste it into your blog post or page in the HTML section. Save the Draft and view it to make sure it works correctly before you publish it.

Here is the YouTube video. I hope you enjoy it.

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