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Making Money as a Local Internet Marketing Consultant

Hot Opportunity! Working as A Local Internet Marketing Consultant. How to Be the Solution in a Desperate Market.

There are a lot of ways to run a great business that provides internet marketing services to its clients. However, many internet marketing consultants find that they can achieve more success by offering highly specialized […]

Importance of Selling Internet Marketing in a Recession

The Absolute Best time to Buy and Sell Marketing Services is During a Recession.

// // It may seem like a contradiction, but the truth is that the absolute best time to both sell and buy marketing services is during a recession. When times are good, there are many businesses that can survive with minimal […]

Defining Online Service Area in Local Business

“Google Places” can be an Asset that Increases the Visibility of Local Businesses

// // As local search and GEO based SEO became more and more important, people were beginning to have concerns about the service areas of businesses. The problem was that most of the local search results for businesses were being provided based […]

Internet Marketing for Small Business

Any small business that is trying to open its doors in today’s business climate needs to take a long look at the possibilities that await them in the field of Internet marketing.

// // Marketing small businesses off the internet is incredibly difficult. Unless a start-up has great word of mouth due to previous endeavors […]