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How To Prospect Using Attraction Marketing

// Attraction Marketing is Focusing on Giving First Before Seeking a Sale or a New partner//

Are you using attraction marketing to build your MLM business? As a network marketer, don’t you wish for a scenario whereby enthusiastic prospects are eagerly calling you to find out more about your business opportunity and to inquire about […]

The Ideal Business

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What is the Ideal Business for you?

by Tom LeBlanc

I am sure you will agree that finding “The Ideal Business” would be a good thing to find — especially during this period of a seemingly crumbling economy. The ideal business is one that is ideal or right for you. […]

The Kinesthetic Personality Style

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If you speak their language… they are more likely to become a customer or join you as a business partner. With kinesthetic personalities you must “connect” with them.

Whether you are building a network marketing, MLM, direct sales or a conventional business it’s vital to understand who you are talking […]

Are You a Frustrated Network Marketer?

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“You may think that finding the right network marketing or home based business has to be frustrating… like putting a square peg in a round hole. It’s not your fault and it DOES NOT have to be that way.”

One of many reasons may be responsible for that feeling of […]

The New Twitter and YouTube Videos

Have you discovered the “New Twitter” yet? You probably have seen the announcements on your Twitter pages.

I like the provision that allows us to send videos directly from YouTube. Here is how it works:

1. Navigate to your video on YouTube.

2. Look below the video for the “Share” button and […]