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The Auditory Personality Style

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If you “speak” their language… they are more likely “hear” what you are “saying” and become a customer or join you as a business partner.

Whether you are building a network marketing, MLM, direct sales or a conventional business it’s vital to understand who you are talking with and how […]

Is the Water or Beverage You are Drinking Reducing Your Productivity?

// // Could it be possible that the water or other beverages you are drinking could literally be sabotaging your success? Yes, it’s true! Certain “qualities” of the beverages you drink influence your health, your energy level and ability to think clearly. They influence your productivity and your ability to conduct your business… They literally […]

The Art of Questioning

// // Learn to Ask the Right Kind of Questions to Uncover Needs BEFORE You Tell Them All About Your Product.


Have you ever noticed while telling someone about your products or service how they have an disinterested stare? Does it sometimes seem like you are talking to a brick wall? Do […]