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Which is the Best?

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Have you ever wondered “Which is the best?”

Best Bible Version: I remember asking a pastor, many years ago, “Which is the best version of the Bible?.. Because there are so many to choose from.” He responded by saying, “The best one is the one you will read.”

World’s Best Exercise: As […]

Gaining Clarity in Your Goal Setting

// Make Goal Setting a Habit and Start Moving. Every Goal Achievement Begins with A First step. //

Is Your Goal Setting Backfiring? Are your Prayers being Answered?

Have you ever wondered why you keep attracting the same type of people into your business or the same type of people into long-term relationships? Well, […]

How Your Beliefs Shape Your Future

// // I am sure many of you have heard one of the following quotations:

“You can if you think you can.” Norman Vincent Peale

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford

Many years ago, when I was young and reckless, I learned […]

Do Internet Entrepreneurs feel the Recession?

// // I have heard it said that, “There is no recession on the Internet, because eCommerce continues to grow.” It has also been said that certain businesses are “recession proof.” Is that possible.

Is now a good time to become a home entrepreneur?

What are your thoughts?

// //

Tom […]

Unleash the Law of Attraction Secret in Your Network Marketing Business

How to Use the “Law of Attraction Secret” to Attract More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t Want into your Network Marketing Business.

(Short Description) The GOOD NEWS is that Law of Attraction is a powerful force that is ALREADY at work in your life — although randomly. […]

Two Invisible Laws that Influence Your Life and Your Business

Law of Gravity Law of Attraction

Even though the Law of Gravity is invisible it can be experienced every time something slips from your hand and falls to the floor.Similarly, the Law of Attraction, also invisible, can be experienced and recognized in your life whenever you use certain words.Have you ever used words like:

Coincidence […]

Network Marketers Need Law of Attraction too


I do understand that the “recommended” way to produce a blog is to stay within a very narrow market, or topic… like network marketing or Law of Attraction. The same is true about a twitter account. Twitter followers expect to hear about things that relate to their topic of interest, […]

Struggle is Good- It Makes Us Strong.

Struggle is Good

For years, when working with my hospital patients I have encouraged them to struggle… while they are attempting to get out of bed… or struggle while moving from the bed to the chair. Often times they call out asking… and expecting me to help them with things they are capable of doing. […]

How to Deliberately Use the Law Of Attraction- Video 2

“So, What Do I Want?”

In my first video I described what the Law of Attraction (LOA) is and how it works. We found that LOA is at work in all of us:

* whether we know it or not * whether we believe it or not * or whether we could care […]